What we do…..

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We track with and without dogs BUT this is only a small part of what we do!
We use the following equipment as required:

-FLIR devices (heat detection and night vision)
-Stealth Shield
-game cameras
-live traps
-capture nets
-net gun

-snappy snare
-restraining gloves
-wind meter
-air flow devices

-rappelling equipment
-marsh navigation boots
-GPS binoculars
-track measuring tools
-special attractants

-animal tracking lighting
-sound enhancement devices
-high powered lighting
-laser lighting

-laser marking devices
-metal detectors
-blood detection tools
-blood detection chemicals
-DNA collection

-long range magnification
-pet stretcher
-pet first aid supplies
-lightening sensor
-foot print detection powder

-Fox Pro animal detection light
-camouflage clothing
-SEKR scent collection device
-animal attractants