We offer dog training on a pay per session basis.

NO CONTRACTS…we feel you should only be paying for what you specially want.

You tell us what you want to accomplish and we help you to meet achieve your goal.

If you do not see any improvement in the session there is no charge!

Fee Schedule:

$60.oo per hour for The Durham Region and nearby areas.  ( We should note that unless we have another appointment we have to get to, we usually go beyond that hour for no extra charge).

We also will train out of our regular area, but there may be an additional fee.

Please contact us to make an appointment or to get further information.










Price: $0.00

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Tracking Training (without a dog)

Every wonder what it would be like to be able to track an  animal or even a person?

We offer training that will get you well on your way to becoming a tracker.

This training is offered in all seasons and all weather (except dangerous weather).

We adjust the length and content to match the needs of our clients.

Some of the training offered includes the following:

-urban tracking    -wilderness tracking   -tracking animals    -tracking people   -night tracking

-tracking on hard surfaces    -blood tracking     -forensic tracking

Purposes for tracking training:

-animal recovery    -law enforcement    -military    -recreation    -survival


For more information or to set up an appointment for training please contact us.




Price: $0.00

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Tracking Dog Training

We offer tracking training for your dog. Any dog can track! It is something that is natural for dogs to do.

It can be a fun activity for your furry friend or you may want to use the training for more practical purposes.

Anybody in any condition can track. Training is geared to your specifications and abilities.

This is a pay per session training with no contracts.

The training sessions are an hour long (possibly longer if there are no conflicting bookings)
The fee schedule is $60.00 in our area and additional charges for out of area training.

Group sessions can be arranged.

Please contact us to book a session or for further information.


Price: $0.00

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Call or Email us for a free quote.

Cost is based on location, difficulty, date and other factors.

Be sure to read our disclaimer under the NEWS section.

We always emphasize there are never any guarantees with is type of work and we basically have to work with what is at the scene of the disappearance, something that we cannot ascertain before arrival. Walk up finds are possible and have happened, but are rare for anyone involved in search and rescue of any kind. Our role is to help narrow down an area of frequency and to assist the client with a plan  to facilitate a recovery and not necessarily to capture the animal ourselves.

We do carry an array of search and capture equipment and are probably one of, if not, the best equipped pet rescue organizations in the world.  If there is a piece of equipment that is of value we obtain it. We do not use all equipment all the time, but prefer to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it!

The search dogs are only a part of the who search picture.


Price: $0.00

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We offer phone consults and profiles to help you have an increased chance of getting your pet back. There is NO time limit on the consults and you are welcome to contact us as much as you wish! We are very experienced in pet recovery and are constantly researching and training in that field.
We get calls from all over the world!

We have a 30 year background in Law Enforcement.
Using this experience and constant research into the field of missing pets we have set up system to profile missing pet behaviour and tactics to retrieve them. Using information  supplied by the person reporting the missing pet to us we will set up a customized profile for you to use for your missing pet.
Profiles are often very similar, but he majority will differ from pet to pet, or region to region. This is included in the phone consult.

The profiles and consults were previously free, but became so popular that it has become very time consuming.
The fee for these services is $60.00 and you only have to pay if you get your pet back and only if you found the profile and consult helpful and wish to do so! How do we know if you found the profile helpful or even got your pet back? We trust you! It is as simple as that.

If you cannot afford the service we will not turn anyone away!
We also give discounts to rescues, rescue pets, and others.

This service is available WORLDWIDE!

We know of others who charge over a hundred dollars for a phone consult alone, so we believe this to be very cost effective for an owner.

Please contact us at, or call us at 905-410-0357  and we will get back to you when we can.


Price: $0.00

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We now offer both consulting and referrals to qualified contractors who will build pet containment areas both inside and outside homes! contact us for details!


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They do take up a lot of our time and do cut into our business schedule. We get more and more calls everyday!

In theory we do charge for profiles BUT we rarely ever do as we do not want anybody to be deprived of help to get their furry family members home!

We decided the best tact to take is we still offer these free services (others charge up to $50 for a phone consult)
but will give people the option to make a donation for these services.

Donations will be used for operating, equipment and travel costs as well as some free services we offer at times.

We are NOT a charitable organization so donations are not tax deductible! We also claim donations as income
and as such pay taxes on them.

Whether you donate or not…..never hesitate to seek our advice!
We never turn anyone away!

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