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( Proof of being a sworn Peace Officer will be requested after order is placed)

These hand held tactical lights are designed to allow you to use both hands while keeping a firm hold on your light. Built to military standards these are high quality lights that come in various styles. They are well thought out equally well made.

For Law Enforcement, Border Services, Conservation Officers or any other armed Peace Officers this light offers the following attributes:
They are made so you can draw and fire your firearm without removing the light from your hand. They are fully adjustable.
They can also be used by dog handlers to keep control of their K9 without letting go of their light.
They can be used with handguns or long arms.
These lights eliminate the need to have gun mounted lights which force you to point your firearm at what you are viewing. They also allow you to control a suspect or use your hands for other purposes without having to put away the light.
Great light for Mounted or Motorcycle Officers as well as Marine Officers.

The main light is white surrounded by red & blue lights.  
Feel free to contact us with any questions about this product.   

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