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We now have three tracking dogs.
Mylee, our original, who excels at tracking.
Hobo, who was  once rescued himself from the wilds and is excellent at finding ground scent and air scent.
Max, who is the newest member of the tracking team and shows incredible promise. He is still in training.

All are very talented and love to work!

We track with and without dogs BUT this is only a small part of what we do!
We use the following equipment as required:

-FLIR devices (heat detection and night vision)
-Stealth Shield
-game cameras
-live traps
-capture nets
-net gun

-snappy snare
-restraining gloves
-wind meter
-air flow devices

-rappelling equipment
-marsh navigation boots
-GPS binoculars
-track measuring tools
-special attractants

-animal tracking lighting
-sound enhancement devices
-high powered lighting
-laser lighting

-laser marking devices
-metal detectors
-blood detection tools
-blood detection chemicals
-DNA collection

-long range magnification
-pet stretcher
-pet first aid supplies
-lightening sensor
-foot print detection powder

-Fox Pro animal detection light
-camouflage clothing
-SEKR scent collection device
-animal attractants

By accepting our help, using our services, purchasing or renting and product from TRACKERS EDGE you are agreeing to the following.


-any of our services

-any of our rental items

-use of any of our tools, equipment, traps, and  dogs

-any consultations and  advice

-any of our search or tracking services

-any of our training

-any of our products

-any products we carry and sell or rent

-any dog  trained by us

THERE ARE NO ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEES  IN REGARDS TO LOCATING MISSING ANIMALS. We cannot guarantee what, if anything, we will find as that is dependent on the scene itself and background information we receive. We do not solely rely on the tracking dogs, but rather use them as part of the arch process. Walk up finds can and do happen, but that is not the norm. Our main job is to narrow down areas to search and try to anticipate an animals patterns of travel, NOT to actually capture the animal involved. We will ,however, attempt to secure a missing pet if at all possible or assist the owner to do this. We understand that having a missing pet is a traumatic and emotional event. We want people to carefully consider what results they may get by using our services and that using those services does not guarantee results. If someone is hiring us under the impression that using dogs is a foolproof procedure with total reliability that would be incorrect. Although we are very good at what we do and have had some amazing results in the past, this cannot be guaranteed. We do guarantee we will do the best we can to help get a missing pet back. We always do the best with what we have to work with.

Anyone purchasing a product or service  has to be 18 years of age.
Customers are responsible for any duty or applicable taxes on items exported to countries outside of Canada.

Customers or anyone else receiving a product, service or advice from TRACKERS EDGE, the owner, or anyone assisting trackers edge, are responsible to ensure no laws in their jurisdiction are  being broken, by following the advice, obtaining or using any of the products received from TRACKERS EDGE, the owner or anyone assisting them.

We take payment in full by either PayPal or e-transfer sent to sales@trackersedge.com before we attend. If anytime before we arrive the pet is located, a full refund will be supplied (minus travel costs if we have already left for the location).
We charge by the job and not by the hour. Once on scene and we start, the full fee applies.

Accepting any of our assistance implies agreement to all the above and acknowledgement the above has been read and understood.

Thank You