Are results guaranteed regarding missing pet recovery?
A: NO….We guarantee we will do our best to help find your pet. We are very good at what we do but do to the dynamic nature of missing  pet searches it would be unethical for anyone to guarantee results. We do increase the odds for a happy ending. 

Do you actually catch the pet?
A: Highly unlikely. If possible we will, but job is to narrow down the search area and advise your best options at retrieving the pet. Based on what we find we will advise you the best tactics and devices to use. Even in human search and rescue this would be the  norm. There have been many occasions where the pet was located exactly where we told the owner it would be. When possible we are able to tell you what areas your pet is frequenting or predict his pattern of movements. This is very effective.

What is your success rate?
A: It varies based on the pet involved, but mostly on how much effort the owner is willing to put into following our advice. For pets in general our best estimate is 80%. Specifically for cats it is presently about 95%.  For dogs it is generally lower as dogs  have a tendency to have larger search areas to cover.  Our best estimate for dogs on average is 65%, specifically for smaller dogs 50%, and 80% for larger dogs.  The industry standard is around 50% for pet recovery in general. We are obviously above that. REMEMBER ….past results may not represent future outcomes. So far this year (2014) at sites we actually attended there has been almost a 100% recovery rate with one dog presently outstanding. BUT…at other times our recovery rate may be significantly lower.
Also keep in mind most times when we get called some time has passed since the pet went missing or it may be a difficult search to begin with. We rarely get the easy ones! Generally we are there to assist the owner hopefully increase their odds of recovery.
How long will it be before I get my pet back?
A: There is no set time. Some people have their pet back in a day, others may take months. Sadly, some may never be recovered, although most pets are in fact recovered.
How long should I wait before calling a professional in missing pet recovery?
A: Call as soon as possible. Sooner the better.
If a pet has been missing for a long time can anything be done?
A: Generally yes, depending on the individual case. Even a pet that has been missing for years can be located if fresh scent or sign is found.What types of animals can be tracked?A: Any domestic animal. Dogs, cats, horses, cows and any other animal EXCEPT GAME ANIMALS can be tracked.
(The Ministry of Natural Resources in Ont has special rules about pursuing or using dogs to track game)
What is considered a successful search?
A: Any animal located once we have become involved is a successful search. Cases we are involved in generally end well. Sometimes an animal is found a long time after we have left a scene, but the advice we have given is instrumental in positive results. Many clients tell us just the positive support they receive was very helpful.
Also clients tell us that just knowing they did everything they could gave them some closure. We not only give advice…we give hope to many of our clients. Sometimes the way we search will actually get a pet to appear after we have left. All search cases are considered open unless the animal is located or owner wishes to discontinue.
Unless there is irrefutable proof something has happened to an animal or so much time has passed that the lifespan would have expired WE NEVER GIVE UP and will always be there to help the owner! It does not matter if it is a case of months or years we will continue to assist and advise the owner.
Do certain factors interfere with  tracking?
A:Yes.  Some scenes are better than others, but we also rely on other search techniques to compliment tracking and searching.

In regards to tracking, does it matter if other animals have been in the area?
A: Usually not.. Mylee is usually very accurate at scent discrimination and we do not rely solely on her tracking abilities.

My pet has been gone a month. Is this hopeless?
A: ABSOLUTELY NOT!  A month is not an unusual time line at all. In fact next to the 7 day mark, 28 days is quite common. Many pets have been safely returned home months later and in some cases even years later!
Do you do security work or investigations?A: NO.  We are not an security company nor do we do private investigations.  If there is any evidence of an offence involving an animal we will direct our clients to contact the police. We will of course cooperate with the police in any way we can to assist them.
I have a missing pet, but do not know if I can afford any of the services offered. Is there anything else I can do?
A: YES! We never turn anyone away. We are always willing to do free consults to assist someone with a missing pet.  There is no obligation involved. Just email us at sales@trackersedge.com.
Are services always available?
A: Usually, but NOT always. Sometimes our services are booked up or we could be on days off. We do get busy at times, but we do do try to get back to clients as soon as we can.

Do you get paid even if the animal is not recovered?

A: For sure! It is very similar to the scenario of a skilled doctor who specializes on high risk patients. The doctor takes on difficult cases and  due to that is always fighting the odds. It is the effort and skill he puts in that he is getting paid for, not necessarily the final results. We are very good at what we do and both our time and equipment are valuable. Also, a lot of ongoing training and research goes into our work.

Can it be costly?
A: It all depends on your perspective. This is a serious and intense business. It can be very taxing both physically, financially and even psychologically. Compared to what other professions are paid such as tradesmen, psychologists, vets, all of which work hard for their money by the way, we probably are well within the realm of being reasonably compensated.  It will probably cost a  family more to attend a professional sports venue with good seats,  than what our average price is for a search. Our operating cost are thousands of dollar a year. We feel we are supplying an important, specialized  service that has the potential to bring a much loved pet home. That obviously can be priceless.

Would I be better off with volunteers?

A: That would depend on the specific group involved. Some groups are better than others.Some people are very dedicated and efficient. But, just by virtue of the actual definition,  they are not professionals. They do not usually have the equipment available for specialized searches.  We must stress good volunteers and public support are essential to locating missing pets, but in some cases they can do more harm than good. We always try to utilize volunteers and the public. They are invaluable! But we coordinate how and when they are used to get the best results.

Will you search for humans or property?
A: Yes.
In regards to humans we will only search if requested to assist by a government agency or if they have finished with a scene and we are contracted by a family member.  In the event of a missing person ALWAYS CALL THE POLICE IMMEDIATELY! NEVER USE A PRIVATE ORGANIZATION WITHOUT THEIR APPROVAL!
We will do searches for lost property.

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