About Us

TRACKERS EDGE is a multifaceted business which provides the following services:
Animal Recovery  Services, Dog Training, Tracking Training (with or without dogs), Wilderness Survival Training, Consulting Services, Animal Recovery Training, as well as News Media and Entertainment Industry Consulting.
We also will do training for law enforcement agencies relating to animal issues.

We do NOT do security, private investigations, or search for wild animals unless contracted by the appropriate government agency. We do NOT train attack or guard dogs.

We work all year, 24/7,  however at times either due to workload or days off we may not be able to respond to calls, scenes, or messages. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our profession, demand, set days off or operating times are impossible to maintain.  Please feel free to leave us a message by phone, email, or Facebook, we can be texted as well but that is the least efficient way to contact us. You may get fast reply or there may be a delay of days. Messages, including phone messages, can be left 24/7  everyday.
In an emergency please call your local authorities  or business that deals with that specific emergency!
We recommend that while waiting  for us to answer your message that you IMMEDIATELY contact an animal search and rescue  group to help….these are some examples of reputable groups or individuals we are aware of:
Missing Animal Response Network…they have a list of trained personnel listed by area they service throughout North America.OVLPN (Ottawa Valley Lost Pet Network…..serving Ottawa area)Kitchener Waterloo Ground Search (serving Kitchener Waterloo area)Mutts A Missing (dogs only, Brantford Ont)

K9 Ground Search Elgin/Middlesex

Pawsitive Ground Search in Simcoe County

None of these groups or individuals are directly connected to Trackers Edge in anyway and we cannot take any responsibility for their work…..they have either worked with us in the past or have been recommended to us by other reliable sources.

Note: There are other services available that will be listed in near future.

Professional Organizations we belong to:

International Association of Professional Trackers
International Association of Police
National Association for Search and Rescue

Graduate of….
The Ontario Police College
Seneca College (Honors Diploma in Adult Education-Teaching)
Seneca College (High Honors Diploma-Deans Honor List in Police Sciences)
Maine K-9 Services Working Dog Handler Course
EAFP Training (Past member of the Toronto Police EAFT Trauma Team)
Search and Rescue Dog Handler Training
Toronto Police College
MAR Course (Missing Animal Recovery Network)
Certificate in Animal Behaviour and Psychology
Has successfully completed the following courses,attended the following seminars and received training in the following fields…..
Dog Handler
Animal Behaviour and Psychology
Animal First Aid
K9 Tracking
Tracking and the Art of Observation course ( presented by retired Australian SAS instructor)
Scenes of Crime Officer
Street Survival
Hunter Safety
Urban Terrorism
Forensic Science
First Aid
Crime Scene Photography
Stray Dog Village Dog course
Field Skills (mapping, gps, navigation, compass, data collection, inclination, altimeter)
Blood Spatter
DNA collection
Arson (past member of the Arson Investigators Association)
Advanced Accident Investigation
Trapper Education Course
Ian Dunbar workshop seminar Growl Class (regarding reactive dogs)
Dick Staal dog tracking seminar ( enrolled in ongoing online training)
Certified in use of SEKR scent evidence collection device.
Scent Dynamics
Canine Perception and Ability
Man Tracking
-has 30 years of law enforcement experience
-over a decade of experience as a Scenes Of Crime Officer (forensics)
-over 5 decades of tracking experience (professional tracking since 2007)
– K9 tracking handler since 2010
– professional dog training since 2010
-searching for missing pets since 2007
– wilderness survival experience
Charities I have supported:
-Wounded Warriors
-Green Beret Foundation
-Leprosy Mission of Canada
-Various Animal Charities
-International Foster Children Program