Tracking Services Offered by Trackers Edge can be broken down into the following categories - Tracking of Persons - Tracking of Missing Pets - Tracking to locate Lost Property - Basic Tracker Training     - Basic Forensic Evidence Collection   Tracking Tracking itself is an art. It is the ability through visual signs, experience and logic to follow a trail which leads to a person, animal or object. The subject, also known as the “chase”, may be a person avoiding being located or a person hoping to be found. Although dog handlers may find the training of some use the training offered by Trackers Edge does not involve the use of a dog. You may feel that the authorities have this type of work under control. This is not always the case. After lengthy and exhaustive searches without results, people have been located in ravines directly behind their homes or in other nearby locations. Part of the problem is the sole reliance on K-9 tracking.  I know of a K-9 walking right past a curtain behind which a suspect was hiding without be located by the dog. After the building was cleared by the K-9, a patrol officer observed the feet of the suspect behind some curtains and made the arrest. On numerous occasions K-9 Units have arrived at scenes where the environment is not suitable for the dog. The scene may be in area which poses a danger to the dog, weather is interfering with the scene, or the scene has already been contaminated. K-9 Units are invaluable and are responsible for saving many lives and locating many suspects. No police agency should be without a K-9 Unit. The problem is they are expected to cover all aspects of searching which is not fair to the dog and handler . Tracking dogs can do some things that a human tracker is unable to do. What is often forgotten is human trackers can do some things that a dog is unable to do.  Tracking can also be used to locate animals such as lost pets. Tracking can be used to find lost property. This property may have been discarded by a thief or simply lost. This type of property may be worth spending the effort to look for as it has sentimental value or is expensive . It may be important for other reasons. Perhaps the loss of the article will cause great aggravation for the owner if not found. Articles such as personal documents or keys may fall under this category. Costs and terms for tracking services are based on the client’s needs. The service provided will be based on how much the client is willing to pay. The services provided are custom built around what the client is willing to pay. Tracking services are available worldwide. Minimum cost is $50.00 . Basic Tracker Training is also offered. This training does not make student a certified tracker. However, this does not mean that the student cannot develop into one of the best trackers in the world if he or she wishes. Most of the greatest trackers in history were never certified. If you have researched tracker training you will know by now that courses are hard to find, hard to get to and even harder to get into due to a lack of availability. Trackers Edge Tracker Training is meant to fill that gap. If you are planning to take a course in the future for certification purposes this training will help you get more out of the course and may help you to better chose what course to take. This training can help give an edge to a professional who may by choice or circumstances need to track. Also the art of tracking is becoming a very popular. It can be done on a recreational level. Anybody can learn to track. It is up to the individual to decide how much effort to put into tracking as a skill or a hobby. The training is not intended for specifically tracking animals as that requires specific skills. However, the skills taught may be adapted for that purpose. Knife Consultation Individual, groups or organizations who  are interested in obtaining the best knife for their needs are the people who will be interested in this service.  An extremely detailed questionnaire survey will be filled out by the client.      Tracker Training is geared towards the what the client wants from the training. It can be complicated or it can be easy. It can be used for a serious purpose or used for amusement and recreation. It can be taught children or adults. It can be taught on an individual basis or to a group. It can be taught in a classroom setting or in the field. The format and content is dependant on what the client wants to accomplish. Training is built around the needs of the client . All training is customized based on the following on two main factors: How much the client wishes to pay and the type of training requested. Minimum cost is $50.00 There is nothing ever intimidating about the training. It will always be conducted in a relaxed and enjoyable fashion. Trackers Edge Training is available worldwide. Basic Forensic Evidence gathering skills can also be incorporated into tracking training . Instruction in Basic Forensic Evidence collection without tracking training is also available. Basic Forensic Evidence Collection Services are also available. Please Contact us for further details . © 2010 TrackersEdge & Rob Russell | Contact Us | Privacy Policy