Regarding a recovered cat….
…..Anyway, thanks a bunch for your help, it was good having someone keeping me
level headed.  Ill def give you star reviews and if you need anything else,
please ask.  I can shoot videos etc, if thats something you’ve been
thinking about…
JP    Muskoka Area  

Regarding a recovered dog….
…..Words can not express how much your help and words of wisdom mean to us during our distressful time. It has definitely helped us to stop, relax and think in a better frame of mind. I will keep you posted. Thanks again………and later on……
….Hi Kevin….We have fabulous news. We have just found him. My husband was out searching a few minutes ago and texted me to come immediately because he could hear him. Sure enough one of our neighbors has been looking after him since thursday. Just like you said he was hiding in their drive shed and their three dogs kept barking and scratching to get in. Thanks again soooo much!
JF    Guelph Area

Regarding a recovered cat….
……. Kevin thanks again for all your information, it has been invaluable!
RM   Milton   

Regarding tracking dog training…..
……Just wanted to let you know that I am spreading the word about what a great experience we had with you……  I have forwarded your email and company name….
SG   Durham Region

Regarding Tracking dog training….
…..Hey Kevin its Alan I wanted to thank you again personally for taking  the time on Sunday to show me all the stuff and information you gave me also for lending me the flags they come in handy lol. I’d also love to join you on a search and rescue next time your called if i’d be able to. THANK YOU ……… I appreciate that very much and look forward to doing some more tracking with you soon.
AG    Durham Region

Regarding tracking dog training
…..I had a couple of people that I was emailing today to tell them about our amazing experience with you yesterday and before I could send the email…….I cannot thank you enough……. The services you offer are amazing and clearly you are focused on the well being of dogs and the education of their owners (which I cannot say for other trainers or other “professionals” in the dog world)
I will be recommending you to anyone who is looking for any of the many services you offer.
It was a pleasure meeting you and talking with you ….THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I am  very much looking forward to the next session ….
JG     Durham Region

Regarding missing pet services….
….Hi Kevin…… 
I so appreciate the time and effort you gave me today.  It touched my heart more than words can say.  I know it has been so long since that date in June 2013 but I am determined now more than ever, to not give up my search.  You gave me numerous suggestions and tips which gave me so much faith and hope. 
It takes a special person to spend the amount of time talking to me and sharing things you have learned along the way.  Your kindness and caring is so very obvious and endearing. 
Please know how much it means to me…… 
Hoping soon I will have enough information to hire you and your wonder dog as we get steps closer to’ bringing (my dog) home…. 
Looking forward to seeing his info on your page.   
Thank you so, so much!

Regarding a Missing Pet Profile…
Hi Kevin,Thanks so much for all this detail – I had to print it out to absorb it!
We have done many of the things you’ve suggested, though not recently.
But, your report gives me some hope and it may be time to ramp up my
efforts again as the weather starts to cool off a bit.  We really
appreciate your information and I hope I can return the favor at some
point.  I’ll write you if I have any questions or news.

Regarding recovered dog….
….Has been caught!!!!!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work.
End of story!  Thank goodness for Katie and thank you for
helping us bring our girl home.
DH   Port Hope Area

Regarding a recovered cat…
Good morning Kevin…
I truly thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support yesterday with respect to finding (my cat)…..
(my cat) lay cuddled next to me all night; I can tell he truly appreciated being brought home.
Just a side note…not more than a half hour after I brought him home, a pack of coyotes were heard in the area.
Once again, thank you.
AS    York Region

Regarding a recovered dog
Thank you so much Kevin. I sent you an email that he was actually found right in the area you said he would be in 🙂 He is okay. Tired, thirsty, and has some scratches and abrasions, but overall he is okay.
Thank you so very much!!!
KM   Guelph Area

Regarding Tracking Training (tracking without using a dog)….
Thanks again for an excellent and super information filled experience Kevin!!! Very enjoyable to learn and be able to ask questions and receive good solid answers! I look forward to working with you again in the near future!
BG     Kawartha Area

Regarding a recovered dog…..
We found boots!!!!! 
Omg!!! I owe u big Kevin!! 
Yes sooo happy. And Kevin I will make sure you are recommended if something like this happens to someone else we know. The fee is fine. Considering I was gonna pay a 3 grand reward this is a massive touch haha. 
Thank you so much again.  
MS    Toronto
We got him!  Kevin, I can’t tell you how thrilled we are!  He’s dirty and skinny, but he’s home!   Caught in your trap this morning!  We wouldn’t have gotten him back without you!
SM Unionville