About Us

TRACKERS EDGE is a multifaceted business which provides the following services:
Pet Recovery Services, Dog Training, Tracking Training, Wilderness Survival Training.
We work all year, 24/7,  however at times either due to workload or days off we may not be able to respond to calls, scenes, or messages. Unfortunately, due to the nature of our profession, set days off or operating times are impossible to maintain.  Please feel free to leave us a message by phone, email, or facebook.
In an emergency please call your local authorities  or business that deals with that specific emergency!
Our product line consists of:
Outdoor and Tactical Equipment, Protective Eye-wear For Dogs and other items.
About the owner of TRACKERS EDGE……
Member of:
International Association of Professional Trackers
International Association of Police
National Association for Search and Rescue
Graduate of….
The Ontario Police College
Seneca College (Honors Diploma in Adult Education)
Seneca College (High Honors Diploma-Deans Honor List in Police Sciences)
Maine K-9 Services Working Dog Handler Course
Search and Rescue Dog Handler Training
Has successfully completed the following courses,attended the following seminars and received training in the following fields…..
Dog Handler
Animal First Aid
Scenes of Crime Officer
Street Survival
Hunter Safety
Forensic Science
Urban Terrorism
First Aid
K9 Tracking
Crime Scene Photography
Dick Staal Training Seminar for handlers and trainers
Toronto Police Forensic Seminar
Blood Splatter
Courses through the Toronto Police College
Certified in the use of the SEKR scent vacuum
Completed The Toronto Police Mounted Unit course.
-has 30 years of law enforcement experience
-over a decade of experience as a Scenes Of Crime Officer (forensics)
-over 4 decades of tracking experience (professional tracking since 2007)
– K9 tracking handler since 2010
– professional dog training since 2010
-searching for missing pets since 2007
– over 30 years of wilderness survival experience
Charities I have supported:
-Wounded Warriors
-Green Beret Foundation
-Leprosy Mission of Canada
-Various Animal Charities
-International Foster Children Program